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Danny's Growth

Danny's Growth

One guys journey to build

Make a Plan But Be Flexible Make a Plan But Be Flexible I think this is the best bit of advice I was ever given. I have a plan for this winter. And every one of these sections has their own plan for what I should actually be doing on those days. With no plan you're more likely to get injured and you won't... Read more
Growing After 25 Growing After 25 Right off the bat: yes it is entirely possible to grow taller and build muscle after 25. When I was back in high school my best friend (who went to the gym a lot) told me I should start working out with him because "I still had a few years left". That... Read more
Growth and Eating Growth and Eating I have my growth plan in place. I find it easy to stay motivated and kick my ass towards getting there. Doing the exercise side of things is easy for me. I get up in the morning and start training. I'll get my work done during the day and then in the... Read more

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