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Danny's Growth

Danny's Growth

One guys journey to build

Growth and Eating

Posted by Danny on January 6 2017, 06:41am

I have my growth plan in place. I find it easy to stay motivated and kick my ass towards getting there. Doing the exercise side of things is easy for me. I get up in the morning and start training. I'll get my work done during the day and then in the evening I head out to train again.

I don't need motivation from somewhere else to do that. I have that in me. I know the gains I want and what I have to do to go about getting them.

The truth is there is probably an element of masochism in there. I enjoy the workout. I know that temporary pain is going to lead me to better things. That ache afterwards is a victory badge. Although lately I've been getting those aches less and less but I've learned that DOMS is not an indicator of progress. The only thing which really indicates progress is your results.

I was off for a while after an injury and as I started to exercise again it took so much out of me. Everything hurt. Everywhere. Now I'm still having to work my knee a lot of balance out an injury there and I get doms in my legs for that but overall I'm just used to it.

The problem?


eating to grow

I used to always be a thin guy. I had a fast metabolism and couple that with the fact I never seem to feel hungry... well you see where that is going.

Lean is one thing. But you can only get so far without feeding your body the stuff it needs. Processed meals are easy to prepare but they lack the right nutrition for proper growth. Not good.

I've started to cook more. I've started to prepare actual meals. I went for a good few years without ever really having a hot meal (unless you count toast). I spent a lot of that time living on cereal because it was easy to make.

Even when I started going for gains I spent a lot of time out and training I would come back in and just make cereal or something from a tub before falling asleep.

Abs are made in the kitchen is the saying. The same goes for any kind of growing you need the building blocks to make it happen no matter what else you're trying to do.

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