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Danny's Growth

Danny's Growth

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Make a Plan But Be Flexible

Posted by Dany on January 7 2017, 07:55am

I think this is the best bit of advice I was ever given.

I have a plan for this winter. And every one of these sections has their own plan for what I should actually be doing on those days. With no plan you're more likely to get injured and you won't get the same kind of results. 

training plan

I mean think about it. Who is going to do better the guy who knows what he's doing and when he's doing it or the guy who just shows up and hopes?

The better your plan - the better your results. Know what you're doing and what days you're doing it on. And have a reason for making those decisions. I space my rest days out because I know when I'll be working at my hardest.

But you need to be flexible with your plan. Life gets in the way. Injuries get in the way. If I was harsh on myself every time I had to let a workout slip because I was injured or stuck at work I'd never get anything done.

This week I've missed 3 sessions. I have been busy and still waiting for a tendon to heal up properly so when I tried the pain was just too much.

If I allow that to get to me I'd never get anywhere. I have to understand that I'm in it for the long haul. Marathon not a sprint and all that. But these are cliches for a reason. There are times (often) when I make every workout. But you need to be prepared to be flexible, prepared to forgive yourself as well.

If I forced a workout on myself just now I'd end up even more injured and then out of it for even longer.

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